Rebirth of a Republic

Third Battle of Tatooine
the uprising begins ...
In orbit over the desert world of Tatooine in the Outer Rim …

Bulk cruiser

Suddenly, a Rebel flotilla jumps in-system to within maximum ion cannon range of the orbiting bulk cruiser, achieving complete surprise on the unsuspecting Imperials. The unusual-looking frigate in the van unleashes all her turbolaser and ion cannon batteries, and in one salvo renders the cruiser a smoldering wreck, before any of the other Rebel ships can fire a shot in support. Scores of small lifeboats soon erupt from the stricken cruiser and head for the surface of the desert planet below.

The Rebel frigate launches its own vessels. Two shuttles, one an ex-Imperial assault shuttle repainted with Rebel insignia and the other a ubiquitous troop shuttle, head towards the surface under the escort of a squadron of A-wing fighters. A second assault shuttle heads for the disabled Imperial cruiser escorted by a squadron of B-wings. The CR90 corvette drops into the lower atmosphere and moves into a stationary position over the city of Mos Eisley.

A message comes through on a reserved channel on your comlinks: “This is Admiral Dhas Vedij of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. A short while ago the Alliance Command Fleet inflicted a crushing defeat to Imperial forces in the system of Endor, where the Empire was building a second and much larger weapon of terror like the one that the Empire used to destroy the peaceful world of Alderaan. That heinous act of mass murder has now been avenged. Emperor Palpatine and his minion Lord Vader are dead, and the Imperial fleet has been scattered.

Vessels of Alliance Task Force 29 under my command have cleared this system of Imperial warships, and even as I speak troops are landing on the surface to assist the people of Tatooine in removing the Imperial yoke of oppression from this world. I call upon the people of Tatooine to rise up and cast off their shackles. With your help, the suns will rise over a free world and its people. May the Force be with you.


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